(Re)Discover Live Tweeting

Cocoweet is an easy-to-use and extendable realtime Twitter™ client for Google Chrome™

Install Cocoweet on Google Chrome

Realtime but filtered

Cocoweet provide realtime streams (ie Timeline, Mentions, Search, ..). If you follow a lot of people or you are live tweeting an event, realtime streams are unreadable. To avoid flood, we provide an automatic smart filter to bring to you the best of your streams with 10 Tweets/minute max.

Easy to use

No configuration needed on Cocoweet, just link your twitter account(s) and use it. With a lightweight and smart UI, you can easily read, tweet, answer, retweet, search, see user detail, follow/unfollow, see conversation, .. No useless features.

Extensions coming soon

Tweet, Retweet .. well but quite boring. With Cocoweet Apps, you will be able to play games, add cool features, interact in live with TV shows, .. Cocoweet API will be available soon for developers.